Sunday, February 21, 2021

Tonight’s dinner

The photo above is of tonight’s dinner. There’s a story, of course.

I had some lettuce I wanted to use, but had to scrounge for what to put with it. So: I had a chicken breast in the freezer, and cut it up and then marinated that in some honey and soy sauce with a bit of garlic and a bit of sesame oil.

The salad was lettuce, a tomato, some red onion (all store bought and on hand). I put the still warm chicken on top and drizzled some pan juices on each piece of chicken.

The dressing was Greek-style yoghurt, some soy sauce, a bit of Thai-style sweet chilli sauce (for a little heat, but that style is milder than others), a bit of garlic, a little ordinary mayonnaise (for sweetness), and a tiny bit of canola oil (to make it more “liquid”, and canola oil has very little flavour).

So, that’s what happens when I try to use just some odds and ends I had on hand. It took maybe 20 minutes to make, tops. Sometimes real food really is easier than takeaways.

And that’s also what I do on an ordinary Sunday evening. Yesterday (by date) was 17 months since Nigel died. That was what was on my mind most the past couple days. I made the salad, anyway, because life does go on.

The above is a revised version of the caption I wrote when I posted the photo to Instagram.


Roger Owen Green said...

My wife was visiting her mother in Oneonta, NY, and ordered online to the Pizza Hut on her way home. As it turned out, the Oneonta, NY PH didn't have her order. She may have ordered from the PH in Oneonta, AL! And she's PAID for it! I hope she can get her money back.

Arthur Schenck said...