Friday, February 12, 2021

As change grew near

Today Facebook served up another “Memory” (at left), and it reminded me of all the change I’ve been going through, and for longer than may be obvious to casual observers. The fact is, absolutely everything has changed since that night (including Leo, who’s far more shaggy then he was back then, because, reasons…). I miss those days and nights so much, and I still can’t imagine having such warm and relaxed thoughts about ordinary days or nights, not with so much missing from them.

It turned out that this memory recorded what was actually one of the last such ordinary days before everything started to change, a process that began, I now know, a few days later and has has continued ever since. But I couldn’t know any of that back then, and I’m happy that I was able to be in that ordinary moment.

This memory was like the one from a couple days ago, where I was also in the moment. But this one is significant because of the change that was coming, something I couldn’t have known about when I posted about one ordinary night. The post from this past Wednesday, on the other hand, was about a moment that may have ended up being the last of its kind, but it was otherwise less immediate, and even consequential, than this one was.

Both of those Facebook Memories remind me how much I want to be able to live in the moment again. One day, that’ll happen again—just not today.

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