Friday, February 12, 2021

Another audio visit with Nigel

Here’s another Friday Flashback: Nigel returned to my podcast for Episode 27 in July 2007. In this episode, we’re both more relaxed, but the background sound isn’t because Nigel insisted that there be background music. This episode is 44:57 long. Follow the link to listen online, or to download it.

We answered questions from podcast listeners, then I asked Nigel other listener questions I’d already answered. As I said in the original show notes, “Both [sets of questions] provide loads of new information, including… Nigel’s perspective on my early days in New Zealand.” Included in all that is the story of how Nigel came to be ready to find love again, which led, ultimately, to our life together. We also talked about adoption and when we’d have our civil union ceremony, which ended up being a year and a half later—and not at all as he imagined it in 2007. The episode even had a (very) brief appearance from one of Nigel’s sisters.

Most (probably all) of his other appearances were live shows we did on Pride 48 (I’m still checking them all), and most of those were well over an hour. So, I’ll do a blog post where I’ll summarise and link to each one for anyone who’s interested. But first, I have to listen to them all—something I really like doing, actually.

As with the previous episode I shared a couple weeks ago, the comments for this one were here on my blog, as all comments were in those days.

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