Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Before, during, and after: It’s mow big thing

Today I was determined to give the lawns a Christmas Eve-eve mow, and before the predicted rain arrived. I got the front lawn done, and in the back not much more than the “after” shot (right. Above) before the battery ran out.

I went inside put the battery on to charge, sat down to rest, and took care of some bits and pieces while I waited for the battery to charge—which it did pretty fast, as always. I went back outside, put the battery in the mower and finished the back. And then, one more thing.

In the “during” photo (left above) there’s a glimps of my Vegepod, and under it is extremely very long weeds. That’s because the VegePod is very heavy, and so, difficult to move on grass. But the weather’s already started getting summery-dry, and today I was able to roll the thing out of the way.

The photos below show the Vegepod when I moved it out fo the way (left), and after I put it back over freshly-moved grass (and weeds…), no longer extremely very long. As a bonus, I was able to put it in its final position—properly centred in the place I put it (whew!) and closer to the wall than it had been. I was particularly happy about getting that done ( ordered the Vegepod back in October).

This was my first “strenuous” physical activity in two weeks, when I also mowed the lawns (among other things). I feel I need to add that I’m usually more active than once a fortnight—no, really!—but I was told to not do anything strenuous for two weeks after my cardiac cryoablation procedure).

After all the lawns were finished, I still had to vacuum, but I was pretty shattered. Vacuuming will have to wait until morning when I do my routine cleaning of the house.

I always planned on mowing the lawns once I could do more active stuff again, and I originally planned on hurrying it along (and even asked the cardiologist if I could mow them a little earlier than two weeks). However, I was sore for more than a week after my recent tooth extraction, so I didn’t feel like doing anything until it was Tuesday, anyway. It rained that day. That left today as my last chance to mow the lawns before Christmas, which is a problem because I still have a lot of things to get done before Christmas Day, and I only have tomorrow morning, really, to get everything done. It’ll be tight.

But at least the lawns are mowed, including under the Vegepod. It was a good day.

This blog post began life as a post to Instagram/Facebook. This, however, is expanded, not the least with additional photos.


Roger Owen Green said...

Meanwhile, this blogger dug a path from the back porch to the shed, so he could dump the compost in the pile to left of said shed, before the Christmas Eve heavy rains.

Roger Owen Green said...

BTW, and I suppose you didn't want to go this route, but you COULD have hired someone to mow the lawn. We hired the daughter's beau to rake the leaves before Thanksgiving because I HATE RAKING.