Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Summer of Safety: Air NZ Safety Video

Above is the latest safety video from Air New Zealand, and it’s among their most Kiwi videos yet. Shot in the Bay of Islands region, one of the North Island’s most beautiful areas and the birthplace of New Zealand, the scenery is definitely one of the stars of this video.

The video also has a veritable who’s who of well-known Kiwis, many of whom are probably not well known outside the country. But the people, the humour and the scenery are all quintessentially Kiwi. It was partly funded by the tourism promotion authority for the Bay of Islands, which is why the area is one of the stars of the video.

The young guy at the centre of the video is actor Jayden Daniels, who until last month played the popular character Curtis in New Zealand’s long-running soap opera, Shortland Street. As always, many of the roles in this video go to Air New Zealand flight crew.

Air New Zealand also released a series of short videos about the Bay of Islands. First up: “Summer of Safety – Our Backyard”:

Next is “Summer of Safety – Our People”, which talks about the people of Northland.

Finally, “Summer of Safety – Our Local Cuisine”, a short video is about the food of New Zealand and Northland, some of which appears briefly in the safety video:

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