Friday, December 02, 2016

A bit naughty

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I’ve mentioned Sal’s Pizza, a New Zealand chain of “New York Style” pizzerias, in several blog posts because they’re a favourite. This week, they opened a new location in Birkenhead, a few minutes away from our house. So tonight Nigel and went there for the first time (photo above).

Friday nights are normally takeaway night with the family, but because this is a busy time of year, we haven’t seen them that much. We thought we’d have Sal’s tonight, anyway, and when we found out yesterday that the others couldn’t make it tonight, Nigel and I decided to go to Sal’s and eat in.

We had our usual sausage pizza, which was wonderful, as always. We’ve tried their pepperoni and found it a bit too spicy for our liking, and while we like their cheese pizza, the sausage is currently our favourite. There are a couple others we haven’t tried—yet.

Sal’s is unique among pizza shops in New Zealand in that they sell pizza by the slice (I’ve only ever found one other shop, and not part of a chain, that does that). That means that we can try the other pizzas without committing to a whole one. They also sell sinful deep fried mozzarella sticks, chicken wings, and several flavours of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, in both individual serving and pint sized cups.

The pizzeria itself was very nice inside and out. It was made out of shipping containers, as Nigel tried to tell me during the construction (though at first I didn’t think it was). It was attractive inside, too.

We went there early (before 5pm), and we sat at the only open booth. Next to us were three very loud teenage girls. It was amazing how quiet the place was after they left. There was a good flow of customers, many just picking up pizzas, some, like us, eating in.

We left with two pieces leftover, but it probably should have been three: I may, quite possibly, have had one too many. In my defence, I haven’t had Sal’s in ages, and I really do love it—and good pizza generally (if I had to pick my last meal, it would be pizza).

We (wisely) decided against buying any Ben & Jerry’s and headed home, only to find the object in the photo below: An empty bread bag, torn open in two places, and all the bread missing. It had been a new loaf I’d just bought this afternoon.

I saw the bag lying on the living room floor, and while I knew what it was, at first I couldn’t process it. Even when I glanced over at the kitchen bench and realised the brand new loaf of bread was missing, I still couldn’t quite believe or accept what I was seeing: In all these years, the dogs have never pinched a loaf of bread, or any other food, off the bench.

We checked and Jake had a very full tummy, and Sunny’s was nearly as full, too, so much so that we decided against giving them their dinner, even though they still asked for it—somewhat half-heartedly, it seemed to me, as if it really is possible for them to feel too full to eat anything else, something for which there’d been no previous evidence (because we don’t overfeed them).

So, bread incident aside, tonight was a good night: We got to have our favourite pizza for dinner, I came home with a somewhat too-full tummy, which was a bit naughty. Then we found that the dogs had been even naughtier and were in a similar situation to me—though we didn’t steal our dinner.

We’ll go back to Sal’s, of course, but next time I won't leave the bread too close to the edge of the kitchen bench. Don’t want make it too easy for the dogs to be a bit naughty.

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