Sunday, December 18, 2016

Summer evening

There’s finally been more summery weather in Auckland, though maybe not as warm as it will be later. Last night, we had dinner at a family member’s house, and then went out on Milford Beach. Nigel and went for a walk along the beach while the rest of the family played some beach cricket.

When I shot the photo above, the sun was setting behind us, giving Rangitoto the last of the day’s light. It was as quiet and peaceful as it looks—even the waves were gentle and quiet just then. After the sun set, the wind picked up a bit and the waves became louder again. But it was remarkably quiet when I took that photo. I posted the same photo to Instagram, but it was cropped for that; this is the uncropped version.

The photo below is of pohutukawa in bloom next to the beach. The trees are particularly full and pretty this year. I also posted this photo to Instagram, but forgot to lighten it a bit before I did, so the photo below fixes that.

And that was my summer evening.

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