Saturday, December 31, 2016

Another New Year’s Eve

The current year is passing, a new one is about to begin. As is the case many years, I’ll be waiting up alone to see in the New Year. This is my choice: I could just go to bed like everyone else, but there’s a part of me that needs to see the old year go away so the new one can begin.

This year, that’s especially true. I’ve joked a lot about the end of this year, but it’s because, like so many others, a lot of people I liked and admired died this year, and the election disaster in the USA makes me truly sad—and afraid. Obviously, none of that will be any different in the year starting soon: Those folks I liked and admired will still be dead, and the Orange Menace will see be about to ruin destroy take control of the USA.

Right now, though, so many of us just want something—anything—to feel hopeful about, and the start of a new year is as good a thing to rally around as any. So, I’ll embrace that new beginning a little more gladly than in most years, and hopefully I’ll even follow through. The results of that will be next year’s blogging journey.

But that’s it for this year’s blogging—I’m off to watch some TV and bide my time waiting for the New Year. I’ll be back tomorrow with—well, whatever I come up with (I have nothing planned at the moment).

Thanks for another year of fun: May 2017 be better for us all. See you next year!

The video up top is by Abba, and a song I used to listen to this time of year. The one below, by Barry Manilow, is another, though a lyrics version (not what I like to share normally, but this will have to do). I used to listen tho that one, too.

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