Saturday, June 25, 2011

The truth is blindingly obvious

In this special comment, Current TV’s Keith Olbermann takes another stand for marriage equality and again says the blindingly obvious: The existence of marriage equality doesn’t matter anymore.

Keith correctly points out that marriage equality strengthens marriage and community, while it obviously won’t destroy religion (always a stupid argument). Keith also points out something I’ve been saying: The desperate and increasingly panicky members of the anti-gay industry are so desperate and panicky because full legal equality for GLBT people will take away their source of income because they won’t be able to frighten people over gays anymore. Good. I hope all those groups go broke.

Just as with Keith's Special Comment after California’s Proposition 8 passed, it’s good to hear straight allies speaking out on behalf of marriage eqaulity—even though all reasonable and rational people know comments like this are just saying the blindingly obvious.

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