Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Kevin Hague speaks on combating bullying

In this video, from the General Debate in Parliament today, Green MP Kevin Hague, who is openly gay, speaks on the subject of bullying of GLBT youth. He challenges Prime Minister John Key to do more. It's also actually one of the few times in the current Parliament that an MP has addressed GLBT issues.

These videos are a relatively new thing (which is why I haven’t made more use of them). They’re posted to the InTheHouse YouTube Channel and also to the InTheHouse website of the New Zealand Parliament. Question Time is also released as an audio podcast through Radio New Zealand. Parliament Today, a summary of the day’s activities, is also available (I subscribe to both).

The New Zealand Government has been a leader in making official information available online, and all these video and audio files are great resources for anyone interested in following the NZ Parliament. Having easy access to original source material has been especially useful to me as a blogger and podcaster. Sometimes government does get it right.


Roger Owen Green said...

OK, this is weird. On Blogger, your videos are as they should be.
BUT on Firefox, this video appears both here AND the Seven Republicans post. The Raw vVideo of 6.0 aftershock has the GOP video, and one of the videos from the Erasure post has the aftershock video, and it continues. The Jon Stewart video is unaffected.

OK, I reload, and some other idiosyncratic things- only one of the Erasure videos, along w the GOP and aftershock. If you had done intentionally, it'd be hysterical.

Arthur Schenck said...

I've had something similar happen with videos when I used Firefox 4. If the placement of videos didn't screw up as you described, then the Flash plug-in would crash. I gave up on Firefox 4 and switched Fifrefox Aurora (Firefox 5). The jumbling of the videos stopped, but the plug-in still crashes sometimes. A refresh of the page usually fixes that, or else I have to quit Aurora and re-start it. Safari and Chrome have their own issues.