Thursday, June 09, 2011

Shorn yesterday

Yesterday, I took Jake (left) and Sunny (right) to be groomed. It’s the first time Jake’s been clipped by a groomer (we always did it), and may also be the first time for Sunny, too. Their coats had both become matted as their winter fur came in, but Sunny’s was especially bad because she never got her spring trim. She looked a bit like a sheep.

So I dropped them off and, because it was the first time and all, I went and waited at a café nearby so if there was an issue and I was needed, I could get there quickly. Everything was fine, of course.

When I picked them up after their trim, I took one look at Sunny and said, “who are you?” because she looked so different, and much smaller. But she and Jake also look more like a “set” of sorts, which is nice.

Neither dog’s cold, despite the trimmed fur, which is probably because the house is warm, thanks to the central heating. They also seemed not to really notice the change, though I think Jake was enjoying being able to see better.

Today, I gave all the furbabies their regular flea treatments, a little bit late because I knew the dogs were being groomed. Sunny didn’t care, Bella was a little annoyed and Jake was angry with me. He didn’t bite me or anything, but he sort of sulked in a grumpy kind of way the rest of the day. He was fine by evening.

I took the photo above around lunchtime today. I like the way they both have a fashion model’s don’t-look-at-the-camera look. Plus, they look adorable.


Gamechick said...

Actually I think Sunny has a "I'm not sure I like this new do" look on her face......

Arthur Schenck said...

She was probably thinking, "Aren't we done YET?!"