Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jon Stewart yawns about NZ politics

Jon Stewart began his latest show with a short bit about New Zealand politics as the result of a pre-show conversation with a Kiwi woman, Stuff reported. I thought it was funny, although I’m generally a fan, anyway.

I think there are three conclusions we can draw about this: First, many people will be thrilled about it, as they are any time a media celebrity mentions New Zealand. Second, some people will be appalled (those people, I think, will be few). Third, the vast majority will take no notice whatsoever. Oh, and four, people who comment on newspaper websites are, far too often, douchebags.

But I think the final word on this has to go to Twitter friend @CNell_NZ who Tweeted: “It's okay, Jon, you can make fun of Kiwi politics if you like. It's less soul-crushing than American politics, after all.” True, very true.


Angela said...

I just read the Stuff article, and I have one thing to say on the subject: I've actually met that woman. ;)

Arthur Schenck said...

You know here? No way! Talk about a small world! :-)