Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pride 48 'It Gets Better'

Some of my fellow podcasters from the Pride 48 family made a collaborative video for the “It Gets Better Project”, a YouTube Channel devoted to affirming to GLBT youth that life does get better. The goal is to help dissuade youth from taking their lives.

The coordinator and editor for the Pride 48 video was Thom from teachingthomas.net. He doesn’t appear in the video, but he provides the opening and closing voiceover. I think they should all be very proud of themselves. What a great way to break in our brand-new Pride 48 Podcasters YouTube Channel!

Related: A recent AmeriNZ Podcast live episode (AmeriNZ 236) looked at what we as a community—as podcasters and listeners in particular—can do to offer support and encouragement to GLBT youth.


Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this. I'll spread it around.


Arthur Schenck said...

Please do help spread it!