Monday, October 25, 2010

One week until the end

One week from today, Auckland City will be history. So, too, North Shore City, Waitakere City, Manukau City, Franklin District, Rodney District, Papakura District and Auckland Regional Council. One week from today, the new Auckland Council will be ruling over us all.

The elections delivered a slightly centre-left government, and this may prove significant, with their dedication to local control and local decision-making. They may very well un-do some of the initial structure.

Or, maybe not—it’s really hard to guess about something when we have no idea how the new structure will work, much less how it should work.

The photo top left is of the sign outside the Auckland City Council’s Civic Building, near the statue of Lord Auckland (and taken the same day as that photo). It was a temporary sign put in place while Aotea Square was being redeveloped. That sign would be irrelevant one week from today (and won’t be there).

The photo below is of me posting my vote in the elections on October 1. I voted, as I always do, and most of my preferred candidates won—especially some I very much wanted to win. But since I voted, I also have the right to complain if things don’t go as I’d like. Fortunately, I have a blog to help me with that… like I needed an excuse!

I voted in the elections for the New Auckland.

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