Monday, October 25, 2010

Laboury Day

Today is Labour Day in New Zealand. I joke that it's the holiday in which Kiwis kid themselves that it's summer, though stable summer weather is weeks away. True, but today was glorious: Sunny, warm (a little hot even), with mostly bright blue skies). In fact, the whole weekend was beautiful.

We did a little labour today: We worked on Jake’s annual big trim. He gets quite woolly by the end of the winter and his fur gets a bit matted in places. We always find ourselves anxiously waiting for the weather to remain warm enough to give Jake his summer coat. This waiting game means it takes us awhile to complete the job.

Today we put Jake up on the table outside and found, to our surprise, that he was quite comfortable with that, more than when he was sitting on the floor with us. It had the added welcome benefit that the fur trimmed off blew away.

So, that was our big job this weekend. A holiday weekend gives time for that. Mostly, it just gives time, and that’s always welcome.

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