Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Diversion: Me me meme

As long-time readers know, I don’t do memes. To be honest, I thought they were kind of passé by now, anyway. But when an e-friend tags me, well, I have to at least think about it.

Roger Green tagged me in a “Kreative Blogger Award” meme, and it would just be rude not to comply. Besides, like Roger said in his post, memes like this “made the blogisphere - dare I say it? - FUN. Blogging should be fun, even if one's venting one's spleen to do so.”

So, in that spirit of fun, I’ll take up this challenge in which I’m supposed to reveal seven things about myself:

1. I once saw a ghost. In the mid 1960s, I saw a man walk across our dining room, look at me, put his hat on and disappear through another door. I never saw him again.

2. At around 20, I heckled a frothing fundie street preacher (quoting the bible back to him). His nonsense response taught me to never bother doing that again.

3. I made significant starts at writing two novels and maybe four non-fiction books. None ever made it to 100 pages.

4. Until my last year at university, I fully intended to run for the Illinois General Assembly and then for the US Congress—as a Republican. I abandoned the idea after I came out, but had no back-up plan.

5. The last time I was in a church for anything other than a wedding, funeral, voting or tourism would’ve been about 1991. I don’t see that changing.

6. Every time I’ve wanted to learn a skill in graphic arts or publishing, I’ve had an opportunity to learn on-the-job present itself to me—I’ve never had to seek out those opportunities or pay for training.

7. I adore bookstores and office supply stores. I can spend hours in the first and explore nearly every aisle of the second.

The next step is to pass the “award” on to other bloggers, but that’s one thing I don’t do—tag others for a meme. But I do encourage others to do the same thing and let me know in the comments that they have.

Now aren’t you glad I don’t do “ask me anything” posts like Roger does?


Roger Owen Green said...

I'm waiting for someone to ask me some truly personal questions so I ca show off my truly evasive qualities.

d said...

oooh...cool! (esp #1)

Scotty said...

so SO shocking arthur.
i am hitting 'unsubscribe' now! :-O

Unknown said...

I liked this meme, made me feel like people appreciated my ramblings which was very mice :)

I also love stationary far more than is normal, good to know I'm not alone :D