Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Protect the Children (and mean it)

The latest video from Rob Tisinai demolishes the rightwing’s favourite smear, that all gay men are child molesters. This is great, but really, why should it be our side that always has to do this? What’s wrong with the mainstream media that they can’t even call the bigots on the most obvious of lies? At least we have Rob.

Check out Rob’s YouTube Channel and his blog.


Roger Owen Green said...

For the same reason it's usually black people and Hispanics who have to call out bigotry (and are accused of "playing the race card" or women calling out sexism ("hey, you wanted to play with the boys; it's rough & tumble out there").

Sure I'd like more white people to talk about racism, but they seem to think it's not "their issue", when of course, bigotry of all sorts is EVERYONE'S issue.

Your question WAS rhetorical, wasn't it, Arthur?

Arthur Schenck said...

Yeah, it was rhetorical. You're right, but I guess I just wish that the media would at least dispel the most obvious and egregious lies and disgtortions, but it's probably hoping for too much.

Roger Owen Green said...

Of course they won't. It's that myth of "there's two (or) more sides to every issue". Sometimes things are just WRONG, but that's a bit too declarative, not "fair and balanced" enough.