Friday, January 15, 2010

God’s enemy, the devil’s friend

If we could pick only one living fundamentalist christianist freak to name as the person most responsible for driving people away from Christianity, it would have to be Pat Robertson. He’s been so successful, in fact, that one can only assume he has a deal with the devil.

The “demented old man”, as he’s being called, has made his living by attacking everyone and everything that doesn’t fit his far, far right extremist political agenda. He is a snake oil salesman who’s conned people into giving him millions of dollars based on lies, chicanery and absolutely insane nonsense. For example, here’s a sample of Robertson’s predictions:

  • • Pat predicted that the end of the world was coming in 1982: "I guarantee you by the end of 1982 there is going to be a judgement on the world,” he said on his TV show in May 1980. Oddly, the world didn’t end.

  • • In May 2006, Pat declared that storms and possibly a tsunami would hit the US that year. Pat’s claim was repeated four times on his TV show. It never happened, either.

  • • On the January 2, 2007, Pat said on his TV show that God “spoke” to him and told him that there would be a terrorist attack on the United States in 2007 leading to "mass killings". He added, "The Lord didn't say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that.” It never happened.

  • • On the January 2, 2008 episode of his TV show, Pat predicted that 2008 would be a year of worldwide violence. That never happened.

  • • In October 2008, Pat said the conflict in Georgia (the country…) was a ploy by Russia to get involved in the Middle East. He also claimed that Israel would launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike against Iran, and then Syria and Iran would attack others. He said Russia would attack the US: "We will suffer grave economic damage, but will not engage in military action to stop the conflict. However, we may not be spared nuclear strikes against coastal cities. In conclusion, it is my opinion that we have between 75 and 120 days before the Middle East starts spinning out of control.” None of that ever happened.

So when a sick, deluded moron like Pat Robertson says the Haiti earthquake was “god’s judgement”, consider the source. If there really was a devil, then it could not possibly find a better friend and ally than Pat Robertson.

If there can be one good thing to emerge from Pat’s blasphemy, maybe it’ll be an end to his money-train TV preaching. Maybe, too, mainstream Christians will finally realise—and say—how morally empty and un-Christian fundamentalists really are.

Update: The Huffington Post has published some of Pat’s most outrageous quotes (there are plenty more they didn’t use). There’s something there to offend everyone.


Graveetas said...

A sane level headed person would understand Pat Robertson's rhetoric is out there, but to a Evangelical Christian the Old Testament is filled with such predictions and Pat Robertson uses the reverence of God of the Bible and twists its meaning to feed his flock. Christianity is designed on faith and persecution feeds evangelical faith. They preach the world will persecute Christians for their faith because "this world" is temporary. F*** ecology because a Christian's future is Heaven, F*** Healthcare because you're not of the body but of the spirit. I pity the closed minded. Those following Pat Robertson are a caged spirit bound by a Charlatan.

Roger Owen Green said...

I think he's sick and possibly deluded, but a moron he is not. He plays to his base, nobody (well except you) fact checks him, and he goes on saying his hateful stuff and bringing in the dough. Not a moron. An a**hole, but not a moron.

Parker said...

I heard he said they(Haitians) made a deal with the devil. Traditionally a deal with the devil is suppose to get you riches/fame/whatever you want in this life in exchange for an eternity in hell/your soul. I guess eternal damnation was not enough of a hardship for the Haitians of Roberson's imagination.

Anonymous said...

I first heard about Pat when I was reading rotten.com (http://www.rotten.com/library/bio/religion/televangelists/pat-robertson/) He is such an embarrassment to the Christian faith and it baffles my mind as to why people take his word as the gospel


Arthur Schenck said...

The Graveetas: You're absolutely right. And, he's not really talking to "sane level headed: people but to his base—the people who send him their last dollar. The good news is that the majority of Christians reject his nonsense, but the bad news is that his kind of religion is growing.

Roger: You're right, and I was using "moron" as a term of dismissive exasperation, not in its actual meaning. The word "idiot" may have been a better choice, or maybe "jerk". After all, no real moron would be so successful in running a scam like his, bilking poor people out of their money so he can ever more riches.

Parker: I actually tried to find any credible substantiation of Pat's claims, but couldn't find any. Apparently, Pat's claim is disputed by real, live academics. But, you're right: In normal Christian mythology the folks making the pact get a lot more than the Haitians ever got.

Anonymous: Thanks for the link. There are class-based reasons why people follow the TV preachers like Pat or the ones who appoint themselves to run churches throughout rural and small town America, but that's too big a topic for a comment reply. I will, however, have more to say about that.