Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More playing with technology

Ever since I took over Nigel’s iPod Touch, I’ve been experimenting with various apps and features, most over our home wifi network. I’ve talked about some of that here on this blog.

Today I tried a feature on the “Music” app that allows the user to play podcasts at 2x speed (the default is 1x, of course, and the user can also pick half speed). As a podcaster I obviously wouldn’t encourage regular listening at 2x speed, however, it’s useful when you’re behind on podcast episodes (as I almost always am). I want to listen to my favourite podcasters and this feature lets me catch up.

It’s also funny: The podcaster almost invariably sounds as if he/she has had WAY too much caffeine. The pitch of their voices isn’t changed much, just the speed.

Everything I’ve tried so far is useful, including this speed feature, which is kind of unusual for a bit of technology. At the moment, it’s probably my favourite toy—and the most useful.

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