Monday, November 30, 2009

Posting the evidence

This is the final blog post for November, 2009. Big deal, I know, but between being so busy and also under-the-weather, this month had among the lowest number of posts since I started the blog.

In general, I average slightly better than one post per day; that doesn’t mean I actually do a post a day—some days I do several, and several days I do none at all. But the average over a year is about one a day. My lowest number of posts in a full-month was December 2007 (when I was overseas for part of the month); the partial month in which I began this blog, September 2006, was similarly low.

None of which matters at all. While it provides evidence of my barriers to blogging this month, the dearth of posts is completely irrelevant to, well, anything. But here’s a little secret: When I first began this blog, I wondered what it would be like to be a daily columnist, so in order to find out the only way I could, I tried to post every day. I got over that curiosity long ago, but it was the original reason I posted every day. So the current question is why I still blog, and that’s a question I can’t answer except with, I still have things to say. Usually that’s enough; just not once-per-day this month, apparently.

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Roger Owen Green said...

Every day is tough. today I was going to take off from work and play racquetball, and write two or three blog posts. Instead, I'm staying home to watch sick child. I have had tomorrow's blog post in my mind for days, but getting it on "paper" as it were is tricky.