Wednesday, November 25, 2009

When worlds collide

Every once in awhile, online worlds that are completely separate merge together in unexpected ways, and yesterday was that sort of day.

The day before, I’d finished posting about the Missouri billboard, and I fired off an email to Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. blogging fame to send him the link to the story and to my post. He wrote back and thanked me and said he’d be mentioning it and giving me a credit. I expected a hat-tip and was thrilled.

I was shocked when I went to his site yesterday and found his post had an excerpt from my post. Talk about a major w00t! The comments were interesting, and aside from one self-described libertarian who called me treasonous (for suggesting the language of the billboard was treasonous), they were generally positive.

Joe.My.God. is my one never-miss sites on the web, a daily read. He posts all sorts of stuff about gay and political news, as well as pop culture items. Many times I post about things I find there, or repost videos, but other times I’ve followed his links to go even deeper into a story. Sometimes I post about what I find (like here), other times I don’t. The stories and links, Joe’s comments (often complete with a dry humour that really appeals to me), along with his own stories, are what keep me coming back.

The photo accompanying this post is of Joe (at right) with one of my favourite people, Tim Corrimal, when they met at Gay Pride in New York City this past June (Tim lent me the photo; I wasn’t there). So, thinking about unexpected connections, and for a bit of irrelevant fun, here’s a little six-degrees-of-separation I did:

Joe met Tim Corrimal. Tim met Ramble Redhead (one degree). Ramble met me (two degrees). I met George HW Bush (three degrees). Bush the First was GW Bush’s father (four degrees). GW Bush’s vice president was Dick Cheney (five degrees). Dick Cheney’s chief of staff was Scooter Libby (six degrees). Therefore, Joe is separated from Scooter Libby by six degrees of separation.

Sometimes, personal blogging should just be fun. This week, it was.

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