Saturday, November 28, 2009

And these people vote…

If ever there was a video to motivate rational people to vote, this would be it. The ignorance and the prejudice displayed by these fans of Sarah Palin is bad enough, but to be so ignorant and proud of it is something else again. It’s enough to make one fear for the future of American democracy.

Tip o’ the hat to Mark from Slap Upside the Head for pointing me to the vid.


d said...

Yep, I point to stuff like this as proof positive I made the right decision moving away from America. Those people scare me - and there are a lot of them. That video is America's future! (Seriously - rent and watch "Idiocracy"!!)

Roger Owen Green said...

At least someone could be honest and say they'd vote for her because they think she's hot. That'd be better than the...er...ah...reasons they gave.