Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spring blooms

It’s difficult to find any photos that show spring in Auckland. There’s just not that much visual difference between the seasons in Auckland, apart, maybe, for the odd day here and there.

I could show trees budding out or in bloom—but many of them aren’t natives or aren’t near the house. I’ve been trying to post more photos of what I’m seeing and experiencing, but apparently I haven’t been near many things in bloom.

The two photos here show the yuccas near our house in bloom. Yuccas, of course, aren’t natives, but I’ve never seen these in bloom before. So, here’s another little part of my day-to-day reality.

Update: I have since been told, by people who know far more about such things than I do, that these are, in fact, cabbage trees (Cordyline australis). When we first moved in to the house, and the trees were MUCH smaller, I was told they were yuccas and, since I don't know plants, I didn't question it. I stand corrected.


Moosep and Buddy Rabbit said...

I didn't know those bloomed. Love the pictures!

Arthur Schenck said...

I didn't know they bloomed, either, but I guess I SHOULD have known. Our next door neighbour's banana tree bloomed last year, and it was the biggest flower I've ever seen—the size of a small child. What I didn't know is that once the flower died, so did the tree. I'm not sure how I would've conveyed that in a photo. Oh, well.

More photos to come!

d said...

The only tree that blooms on our street in Spring is a lone Cherry Blossom. Gorgeous!