Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gratuitous Jake photos return

I was shocked to realise that I last posted a photo of Jake nearly three months ago. How on earth could this have happened? Three months?!

So to remedy this terrible oversight, and because I want to take a break from serious subjects, here are a couple Jake photos.

The photo at top is of Jake this past Sunday at his (human) grandmother’s house, where we were staying so we could attend a family wedding. Jake always enjoys going there, in part because everyone in the family makes a huge fuss over him—understandably, of course.

The photo below is of Jake this afternoon, napping on the sofa. He raised his head when he heard me turn the camera on, then when he saw what I was doing he put his head down and went back to napping. Priorities! Napping is far more important that posing for photos, after all.

I’ll be back to serious subjects soon enough, but a little nap is good for a blog, too, I think.


Unknown said...

awwww, fluff monster :)

doyle and mollie said...

aw tugs at my heart strings!! you've probably heard via doyles blog we are going to be getting a wee girl called mollie - you just beat a cavoodle! fingers crossed her genes are as good as jake and doyles - have to say jake wins the mo contest hands down though arf arf