Thursday, October 15, 2009

I was thinking the same thing

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I watch Fox Noise from time to time, because I’m curious and because it’s always a good idea to know what your opponents are saying. So on the day of the National Equality March (NEM), I surfed through to Fox to see what it was saying.

Surely, I thought, they’d be covering the NEM after making such a big deal of the “9/12” rally in DC, the one they attacked other networks for “ignoring”. Since they so self-righteously and pompously patted themselves on the back for covering the march, and since they’d declared they don’t “pick and choose these rallies and protests”, I was sure they’d cover the NEM.

Of course, they didn’t cover it. Obviously, Fox only considers the rightwing causes it promotes to be news. That’s kind of funny, actually: Fox wouldn’t know what news was, even if looked out the windows of its Washington, DC Bureau.

This Jon Stewart video captures exactly what I was thinking. (Sorry to Canadian readers—this apparently isn’t available in Canada).


Mark from Slap said...

Ah, the not-so-world-wide-web...

The Comedy Network has some sort of exclusive license to distribute the Daily Show in Canada, including online. Hooray for the corporate undermining of the essential ideas behind online communication!

At any rate, here's the Canadian link. :-)

Arthur Schenck said...

You see, I really AM sensitive to your situation (being in it more often than not with US-based websites). What I don't get is why copyright holders want people to illegally download copyright material for free when they could pay a legitimate source. Seems to me that the big media conglomerates are just plain stupid—still.