Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The extent of Halloween

Last week, I posted a couple photos from what was the largest Halloween “display” I saw at our local mall. Actually, it was really the only Halloween display.

So as part of my research into my thesis that Halloween is fading, I went to our local shopping centre. The photo above shows the candy display in our supermarket. It was the only display in the entire store.

Out in the mall, a cheap shop had a small display (photo below). As a percentage of store size, this was actually the biggest display I saw.

Today I went to our local, smaller branch of the main discount store, and the Halloween stuff was at the front of the store—and consisted of two displays, each one square metre in size. I heard on the radio this afternoon that the chain was offering 20% off all Halloween decorations “while stocks last.” Sounded like they were trying to get rid of it.

Now I’m especially interested in what happens on Saturday.


d said...

Oddly enough, Halloween seems to be bigger down here in Welly. There are several children's events/parties (including one hosted by the Capital), and many bars have Halloween-themed events.

Plus, none of the Christmas displays are up yet, and even the movie theatre is getting into it with a mystery scary Halloween movie!

Unknown said...

Seems that out our way the churches are reacting against Halloween by hosting "light parties" where the kids are not allowed to dress up as witches or scary things.

Nik said...

As an American living here, I'm a bit sad my kid won't get to grow up with Halloween like I did, but I also find it vaguely desperate to try and force it on NZ. It just doesn't fit in early springsummer I think.

Arthur Schenck said...

Thanks for the comments everyone (and sorry I didn't reply sooner). I basically make the points I would've in today's post, though.