Friday, July 31, 2009

Invite a friend to New Zealand

News item: “Prime Minister John Key wants everyone to invite their overseas-based friends and family for a visit to New Zealand.”

I may sometimes be critical of John Key, but other times even I agree with him, and this is one of those times. Mind you, I’ve constantly invited friends and family to visit, but hardly any have. Sigh!

In all seriousness, visit New Zealand! You will NOT regret it!


d said...

I agree! So many of our friends/family say they want to visit "some day"...and yet don't make solid plans. Time will tell.

amerinz sis said...

We hope to visit New Zealand, but as d says above, it will be "some day".

Pictures we've seen of NZ are beautiful and there a lots of cool places we'd like to see. If we visit the zoo, I'll stay away from the lion's cage - just in case he's related to Lord Spark. Remember?

The best part though will be visiting you and meeting the rest of the family.

Arthur Schenck said...

It's not cheap or easy for people to go in either direction—if it was, everybody would be doing it! Seriously, The lack of visitors (or visits) is just one of the inevitable results of living so far from one's former country. Now, if they'd just hurry up and invent transporters like in "Star Trek" and everything will be perfect!