Monday, October 15, 2007

Spring is sprung, a tree no longer is

Those October showers, they bring November flowers... are you singing along? Not as catchy as the Northern Hemisphere equivalent, but it's just as true.

We've been having a lot of rainy weather lately, along with some absolutely brilliant, sunny days. That's Spring. But this year we've also had many windy says, some very windy. The past two days have been in that category.

This afternoon, part of another tree behind the house came crashing down. Fortunately, it wasn't near enough to the house to hit it and, in any case, it fell in the opposite direction. Before its demise, I could see the tree whenever I turned away from my computer to look outside. It looks very open out there now.

The damage from the first tree to fall over, the one that did hit the house, still hasn't been repaired. Last week a contractor came to look and measure and said they'd all never seen so much storm damage, which is why repairs were taking so long to complete. I thought to myself that while that storm had been bad, it wasn't a cyclone or anything; I can only imagine what will happen when one of those hits, and climate change means that severe storms are becoming more common.

At least two trees (or parts of them) that could have hit and damage the house are now no longer able to do so. I guess that's something.

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