Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Summer Day

December first is considered the start of summer in New Zealand, but lately the weather—rainy and cool—has been more like spring, and sometimes more like winter.

Not today.

It was finally warm and sunny. The blue skies had those white puffy clouds floating around, moving their puffy shadows across the hills below. It was great.

We headed out to visit family in Paeroa and Thames, an hour and a half or so away, leaving for home around 6. There was still heat in the sun, but all the clouds were gone. It was as good driving back to Auckland as it had been away from it this morning.

There’s supposed to be more of the same tomorrow, then the rain is to return tomorrow evening. The good weather was a hint of what will soon be here, a free sample of the larger serving with all the trimmings.

Summer, you see, is my favourite time of year.

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