Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chicago—the podcast capital of America?

Lately I’ve been listening to podcasts I don’t normally download, just to see what’s available, and also because I’ve been thinking about the genre (partly because of what some podcasters have been saying). So far, I’ve mostly stuck to podcasts connected in some way to ones I already listen to—recommended by them or maybe they’re a guest, that sort of thing.

And then it hit me: Every podcast I listen to regularly and most of the ones I’ve been “trying out” are connected in some way to
Chicago, hence the title of this post. Yes, I’m well aware there are many great podcasts by people without even a remote connection to my old hometown. I’ve even listened to some of them. But consider my normal list (links on the right of this blog):
  • Feast of Fools – Chicago-based
  • Real Men Wear Pink – One host is from Chicago
  • The Gay Expat – He lived in Chicago for a time
  • This Boy Elroy – Adam’s the other host of Real Men Wear Pink (okay, so this connection is the weakest)
  • Windy City Queercast – As Chicago as it gets
  • Yeast Radio – Largely Chicago-based, though Madge gets around a fair bit
Maybe this has something to do with the affection I still have for the city. After all, I didn’t leave it (or America, for that matter) to get away from it, but rather to go to something and someone.

But could there also be something about
Chicago that makes its people try new things? For all its “city of broad shoulders” muscularity, Chicago has a creative side that’s often overlooked and misunderstood by the rest of the country—and by much of the city, actually.

But that—and more discussion of podcasts—is for a future posts. Right now I have some more listening to do.

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