Friday, November 10, 2006

The responsibility

Now that the US elections are over, the real work begins.

Rahm Emanuel, who engineered many of the Democratic victories in the US House, has tried to start shoving liberal Democrats to the back of the bus (a tip o’ the hat to The Gay Expat for posting this link). Rahm’s focus is, apparently, Democratic bums on seats, no matter how right wing their ideology. Ultimately, it’s a bonehead strategy, little better than the Republicans’ focus on keeping power at all costs. Will Rahm become the new Rove?

Instead, Democrats need to offer America a real alternative. Frame the issues in language that speaks directly to American voters and then, surprise! even liberals will be elected in rural and southern districts.

We know this works because the Republicans have done it for their right wing extremists for years, and with huge success since 2000. Sure, they peddled hate, division and lies, but they framed their issues in ways that mainstream voters bought into. If liberals don’t learn to do the same, Rahm will get his way and America won’t see any real change, except in the name of the ruling party.

What do you think? Is electing any Democrat the only thing that matters? Or should we focus on electing Democrats who aren’t just like Republicans?

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