Wednesday, November 15, 2006

AmeriNZ is Number One!

This will surprise some, but AmeriNZ was recently ranked number one. No, really. Naturally, that doesn’t mean what it sounds like (though by saying it like that I could be headed for a career in PR).

I recently Googled AmeriNZ (don’t give me that look—most people Google their own names every now and then; I was looking to see if my blog or its contents were mentioned anywhere other than in other blogs). One of the hits was for BlogsNow, which ranks what’s popular on blogs worldwide by tracking, essentially, what blogs link to. It’s currently tracking more than 10 million blogs.

A couple weeks back, there was the article about the cost of failing to act on climate change. I posted a blog entry on the article and linked back to it. 27 others did, too, but out of 9,738,413 blogs tracked at the time, AmeriNZ was the first in the world to put up a post. The main reason, of course, is our time zone—I had half a day on
Europe, more on America.

I’m a little sceptical about all this, I have to admit, because a few days later AmeriNZ was ranked fifth (again, based on time of posting) among 14 blogs that linked to the Matthew Gross article on Republican voter suppression efforts. I’m pretty sure there are a couple blogs linked to that article that aren’t included in the list.

Even so, what are the odds of being first in the world at anything? I choose to enjoy it whatever its worth.


Anonymous said...


nothing to be sceptical about. I don't have any special code to favor your blog.

If BlogsNow fails to be objective than its merely for limitations in bandwidth. It's neither favoring nor oppressing blogs.

Thanks for the mentioning!


Arthur Schenck said...

AmeriNZ sez: That answers that, then. Which means I get to celebrate my "First In The World" status a little more.

I actually check out BlogsNow from time to time and it's interesting to see what the hot topics are at any given time.