Friday, November 24, 2006

Good Riddance to Brash rubbish

It will come as no surprise when I say that I’m glad Don Brash is stepping down as leader of the conservative NZ National Party. His tenure has been divisive and polarising and the country will be better off now that he can’t be Prime Minister.

However, what’s been even worse the past couple days is the insufferable sycophantic “journalism” surrounding this story: Reporters saying what a “gentleman” he is, and suggesting how he was too “nice” for politics.

What a load of rubbish.

The man lied—he claimed he never met the Exclusive Brethren when in fact, he did. Now both he and other National Party leaders said they had no idea that the EBs were going to spend a million plus on a campaign to get National elected by attacking Labour and the Greens. They just don’t get it: People think they’re lying. Even if they’re telling the truth, it should serve as a warning to them that people believe National is capable of such deceit and underhanded tactics.

Tonight on TVNZ’s “Close Up” programme, Deputy Leader Gerry Brownlee and ex-MP Richard Prebble had a jolly old time talking about how Nicky Hager’s book is supposedly just fantasy material. This line is common on the right—the same people who were quick to use Hager when he wrote a book critical of Labour, so apparently Hager is credible only if attacking Labour.

The gruesome twosome were so jolly tonight in part because of the jovial hosting by Susan Wood. Fresh on the heals of last night’s fawning love fest with Don Brash (you can watch the video clip here and judge for yourself), Wood was so transparently pro-National that it was surprising that she wasn’t wearing a National Party logo on her outfit. This isn’t the first time she’s cooed and smiled at Don Brash, but hopefully this was the last.

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