Wednesday, November 09, 2022

Waiting and worrying

I haven’t said anything about US politics in ages, for a lot of reasons, but in the background, I’ve been feeling literally sick for quite some time because my homeland may be about to begin a less-than-slow-motion self-evisceration. I’m literally sick of feeling this way about the USA.

On the other hand, I have hope that opinion polls, which have been thoroughly unreliable since at least 2016, will continue their record of being perfectly imperfect, and they’ll be wrong once again. It’s not just that I want Democrats to win, though obviously I do, it’s that I want democracy to survive. If the other guys win, US democracy will need to be booked itself into hospice and palliative care. If the good guys win, there will be a chance that democracy can recover and heal.

But there’s nothing more that anyone can do now. I hope I’ll soon feel better. I hope the majority in the USA—and that its democracy—do, too.


Roger Owen Green said...

I didn't watch it. Better than I feared. But in NY, the Democrats' overreach on redistricting cost them at least one seat, Patrick Maloney's just north of NYC.

Arthur Schenck said...

I watched a sort of coverage of coverage, which was way less stressful and without the sensationalism and all the repetitive questions or opinions. Illinois Democrats gerrymandered IL-13 specifically to pick up a seat, and it worked. There's one seat, the 17th, to be determined, though the Dem is currently leading. The seat was held by Cheri Bustos, who was chair of the DCCC during the 2020 election cycle (she chose not to seek re-election).

Right now, out of 17 seats (Illinois lost one seat in redistricting), the other party holds only three seats, Democrats hold 13, with that one tbd.