Friday, March 12, 2021

My current favourite New Zealand TV ad

The ad above is for a New Zealand soft drink, L&P (Lemon & Paeroa). The ads for it have always exploited Kiwis’ dry sense of humour to poke fun even at itself, and this ad is no different.

The video is the full version of the ad—one minute long—and it was shown on NZ television when the campaign began. The version shown now is a much shorter edited version (which doesn’t seem to be on YouTube). I think it works because the reaction to the guy doing his “bomb” into the pool is typically understated, as is his own reaction at the end of the ad.

The actor who does the bomb does a good job, particularly his delivery of his line in the pool, “okay”. It’s not just that it expresses resignation and disappointment in one word, though it does that. No, the reason it works so well is that the ad captures how a Kiwi would react in a similar situation—or, how it would look in a comical way.

I have no idea why I never mentioned L&P before, especially because Nigel and I lived in Paeroa for awhile. Many years earlier, like 1995 or 96, I tried L&P for the first time in Paeroa itself, because, well, why not? It’s not my favourite, if I’m honest, but, as an actress says in the ad, “yeah, it was alright”.

This ad, though, I think is a bit of fun. It’s also a good example of Kiwi humour. All of which is why I’m sharing the ad, and why it’s currently one of my favourites.

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