Sunday, March 28, 2021

AmeriNZ Podcast episode 351 now available

AmeriNZ Podcast episode 351, “Fourteen years” is now available from the podcast website. There, you can listen, download or subscribe to the podcast.

Today is the fourteenth anniversary of the AmeriNZ Podcast—which, as it happens, is also exactly one year since my previous episode. This episode is about what I've been up to over the past year.

The five most recent episodes of the podcast are listed on the sidebar on the right side of this blog.


Roger Owen Green said...

I got a notification from WordPress how to do a podcast, and I have none exactly nothing to pursue that option.

But - and I'm not being glib here - maybe by doing it once a year, maybe around Nov 2, which is the half-year of my blog, could be a thing. No way I get it done by May 2.

Arthur Schenck said...

It's far easier to do a podcast than it may seem, but it does take some work. The most important bit of equipment, by the way, is the microphone: Everything else you can work around or upgrade later, but if you have a poor quality mic the sound quality will suffer.