Sunday, March 14, 2021

An ordinary Sunday all ironed out

Today was just an ordinary day. A bit hot outside, but otherwise just a quiet Sunday. Of course, every day is a quiet one for the dogs.

The photo above is of Leo and Jake lying in the sun. Leo (who’s not as pudgy as he looks in the photo) is lying on an inexpensive bathmat I put at the door to catch the grass clippings they track in (I mowed the lawns yesterday). Leo thought it made a perfect bed, I guess. He and Jake have “an understanding” and generally stay clear of each other, so they don’t normally sleep so close—and it didn’t last, because Jake moved twice in the few minutes after I took the photo Leo, meanwhile, moved to Jake’s spot and remained in the sunshine.

At the time, I was ironing some shirts, ones that had been waiting, er, awhile. I always used to iron on Sundays, usually in the evening after Nigel went to bed. I thought it was possible that I might have a hard time doing a bunch of ironing on a Sunday, because of the memories, so I haven’t until today. I still haven’t done it on a Sunday evening, but I don’t think that’ll be an issue, either. It turns out that not all memories are triggers—but, then, I already knew that.

So, this quite ordinary Sunday was a quite ordinary Sunday for us all. I got some things done today, and the dogs slept a lot. They also entertained me, which is even better.

This post is based on—and greatly expanded from—the caption I wrote when I shared this photo on Instagram.


Roger Owen Green said...

Your dogs, my cats. Always turf wars. So I'm always surprised when they'e BOTH sleeping on our bed.

Arthur Schenck said...

Sometimes, peace reigns supreme.