Monday, June 01, 2020

Leo is three

Today is Leo’s third birthday. Unlike most years, his birthday didn’t sneak up on me this year; they usually do. But the important thing is that he seems happy and content, which is pretty much the aim of furparents.

This birthday is his first since he lost his other daddy. Being a dog, he doesn’t seem aware of that at all, which must be one of the great things about being a dog—though may it just seems that way to me right now. In any case, I doubt he’d have an opinion on it.

I wrote last year:
Since he came to live with us he’s slotted right into the family, providing a lot of entertainment along the way. He was best friends with Bella, but as she got sicker Leo became best friends with Sunny. They still play together every day (Leo and Jake have an understanding…).
All of that is still true, though due to Sunny’s recent health problems, I doubt they’ll be playing tug of war any more (a post last week included a photo of them playing back in April). Down below is a photo of Leo sniffing Sunny earlier today (taken right after his birthday photo), who didn't mind. He and Jake still have an understanding.

Leo’s only negative is how much he barks: At any person walking past the house (especially if they have a dog), and also at any truck driving past. But this week I learned something new about that: When I got home after dropping Sunny off at the vet, Jake and Leo greeted me at the door, and there was silence—lots of tail-wagging, but no barking. This was the first time I had any way to know that a lot, maybe most, of the barking Leo does is instigated by his sister.

Barking aside, he really is a lovely little boy—happy, entertaining, and a nice warmer for my lap on these winter days. What I said last year is still true:
Leo’s actually a lot of fun to live with, and is happy all the time. We’re really happy he’s part of the family.
Yeah, that’s still true, except that it’s just me now, and probably Sunny (most of the time—see photo below), that are glad, but still. The rest of the family love him too—who wouldn’t?!—and that’s what matters: He’s very loved.

Maybe that’s why he’s so happy all time.

Happy Third Birthday, Leo!


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