Friday, May 18, 2018

Another new addition

We have another addition to our clan: Leo (pictured) has joined the family, joining Jake, Sunny, and Bella. Leo needed a new home, and we couldn’t say no. But it is interesting that he’s the third furbaby in a row that we didn’t name.

Leo came to us because his former family couldn’t keep him. He already knew us, and Jake and Sunny, so it wasn’t a totally new and scary thing for him. Since he joined us a week and a half ago, he’s slowly started to fit in—very well in some ways.

Leo is best friends with Bella, partly (mostly?) because he likes licking her ears, and Bella likes that. They often sleep next to each other on one our laps, and often trade sniffs.

Leo is a little wary of Jake and Sunny, however, especially Sunny—possibly because right now she needs a trim and is huge from Leo’s perspective. He sometimes growls at the dogs, Jake in particular, but we’re working on that, and we’re kind of old hands at that.

I joked recently that this is becoming “Arthur and Nigel’s Home For Wayward Pets” because our last three came to us when they needed a home, not because we sought them out. We have the time, energy, and inclination to give them a home, so why not? Someday taking care of pets—or several, anyway—may be too much for us, but that day is not today.

Besides: Who could resist such cuteness? But, I do think we’re now officially a zoo.

Jake (top) and Leo lying near each other yesterday. It's progress.


rogerogreen said...

what a menagerie!

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

It is. I suggested we get a tank of fish and cage of birds so we’d have a complete set. But I think this is enough.