Monday, May 21, 2018

Settling In

Leo is pretty much settled into our household now, as the Instagram post above shows. He’d been a little leery of the other dogs, but after we gave Sunny a clipping on Saturday he’s been much better, maybe because she doesn’t appear as big and intimidating.

On Friday we had new dog doors installed, one on ground level, and the other upstairs leading out onto the deck. Leo and Bella worked out how to use it pretty quickly, and so did Jake, which is pretty surprising: He hated it when we changed the dog door at the old house back in 2014. Sunny hated that change, too, but unlike Jake, she’s been unable to bring herself to use the new door here. At the moment, the one downstairs is taped open so she’ll use it.

So, three quarters of the furbabies have no trouble using the dog door, which I suppose is mostly good. Sunny will get there eventually.

Apart from the door problems, they’re all getting on well. Jake takes little notice of Leo, but every once in awhile Sunny tries to play with him, sometimes scaring the crap out of him, which kind of makes sense: Her haricut may make her less intimidating, but she’s still bigger. Meanwhile, Bella has the cleanest ears of any cat in New Zealand.

So, all up, I have to say that Leo is pretty much settled into our household now. That’s good news.

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