Friday, June 01, 2018

Leo is one year old

Well, this is embarrassing: Today is Leo’s first birthday, and we didn’t know it until his first family told us this morning. We knew it was this month, but we didn’t know the specific day and didn’t think to ask. That also means I need to start this month with a yet another furbaby photo. Oops.

Leo came to live with us a few weeks ago, and has adjusted well. I took the birthday photo above around lunchtime today. He and his best friend, Bella, were lying right next to each other sphinx-style. Then I got low to take their photo, and Leo got up to see what I had in my hand. This photo was the result.

He had a good birthday, I think, though he hasn’t had one before so he wouldn’t know either way. He went out to the fenceline to bark at the neighbour’s dog, and he ran back and forth along the fence. As he did he bounced like an impala or springbok or something. I’ve never seen a dog do that before.

Unfortunately, it was muddy along the fenceline, and his paws all got muddy, something I found out when I went to bring him in, since he refused to come when I called him. He ended up getting his feet washed in the laundry tub—which will be perfect for his future baths, which will be MUCH easier on my lower back. He wasn’t especially happy about the washing, but he didn’t come when called—the first time he hasn't—so maybe it was a fair outcome?

Other than that, it was a perfectly ordinary day for him today. He always seems bright and happy, which makes us happy. And he has given me a few things to post about, so that’s always a plus.

Happy First Birthday, Leo!

Another new addition

Update: I later posted this photo to Instagram.

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