Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Hail, winter

Yesterday and today it rained a LOT. Actually, it rained a fair bit over the weekend, too. That’s not unusual: It’s what winter is like in Auckland. But this morning we also had hail (Instagram photo above), and that’s a little unusual.

It was 11 degrees this morning, as I said in the caption on Instagram, and it remained more or less around there all day. But for some reason it felt much colder than that. Part of it must’ve been the winds, which were a little strong, but it felt cold even when the wind was paused. It was also a bit cold inside the house today. At the time I publish this, it's dropped to 7 degrees (44.6F), and it’ll probably be colder before dawn. That, too, is winter.

Now that we’ve passed the June solstice, the days are getting longer again as we begin the long (cold) march back to summer, something that can’t come soon enough for me. Of course, I say that every winter, so I guess that’s winter, too.

Still, I didn’t have to go out in the winter weather today, so it didn’t really affect me too much, even though I did get a little sick of the noise of the heavy downpours during the day. I wasn’t in those downpours, and that’s the important part.

That, and at least I didn’t go to hail today.


rogerogreen said...

I love hail when I'm not in it.

Arthur Schenck (AmeriNZ) said...

I always worry about my windows… 😟