Friday, September 22, 2017

To comply with the law (yet again)

As I did in 2011 and 2014, and I mostly stole this post from one in 2011 (and then adapted from the one in 2014), I have temporarily turned on comment moderation for this blog. You can still leave a comment, but it won’t be posted until sometime after 7pm Saturday NZ Time (7AM Saturday UTC), after the polls have closed. I’m doing this to comply with New Zealand election law, which mandates that I turn off comments (even though the law was enacted in 1993…). I’ll update this post after I’ve re-enabled un-moderated comments. I also won't be commenting or replying on social media, either. You can DM/PM me if you wish, or email me, because that’s private.

Also, I won't be posting anything here until after 7pm tomorrow. Apparently a new post might draw eyes to my previous election posts. Or something.

P.S. Two Ticks Labour! (I can say that because I’m posting this before midnight…),

Update 23 September: The polls have closed, and comments are again unmoderated. Thank you for your patience as I obeyed a silly law.

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