Thursday, September 07, 2017

Sitting kitty

I posted the photo to Instagram earlier today, and the caption pretty much describes it. When I posted the most recent photo of Bella to the blog, I explained why I’ve been posting photos of her and not the dogs. Well, Spring is definitely coming (or, so I hope…) so there should be a wider variety of photos soon enough—just not right now.

As the weather improves, I want to take more photos using all my cameras, though the ones taken with my phone are by far the easiest to share. As it turns out, I also find the challenge of taking good photos using just my phone, and not any of my more full-featured cameras, to be really interesting and, well, challenging. That was part of the reason I decided to use only my phone for the “Nature Photo a Day” series last year. I have a better phone now, with a better camera, and I’m interested to see what I can do differently or better. Many of the results will end up on this blog, of course.

There’s one last thing all this Instagraming of Bella reminds me of. When I was a kid, I had a cat named Ed (long story). He used to sleep in unusual places and positions, and my mother used to tell people one of our favourite activities was to “come see how Ed is sleeping now!” She was exaggerating a bit, as she often did, but there was an element of truth: We really did laugh at the odd and unusual positions and places the cat slept in.

Many decades have passed since then, and my photographic equipment (and abilities) have improved. But seeing what our cat is doing still entertains me. Some things really don’t change.

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