Wednesday, September 13, 2017

AmeriNZ Blog is eleven

Today is the eleventh anniversary of the AmeriNZ Blog: I published my first post, “I live in a land downunder. No, the other one…” on September 13, 2006. This has been the roughest blogging year yet for me, but I, and the blog, are both still here.

It turns out that the number of daily posts required to meet my annual goal of an average of one post per day continues to rise. When I reviewed my progress toward my goal back in July, I said:
At the moment, including this post, I’m 64 posts behind target for where I should be at this point, and that means I need an average of 1.4 posts per day from now until the end of the year in order to reach my annual goal. That’s a tall order
Well, nearly two months later and I’m still 64 posts behind target, and because there are fewer days remaining to make that up as well as publish one post a day, too, the average I now need has risen to 1.59 posts per day. Every day this becomes a more difficult goal to achieve—but I haven’t given up hope.

And that’s actually the story of this entire blog over the past 11 years: I haven’t given up. Despite sometimes feeling I’ve had enough, despite sometimes being unsure of how I should structure the blog, or what I should write about, I haven’t given up. Even though I’ve talked about my share of sadness and challenges and disappointments, I haven’t given up. Call it stubbornness, or competitiveness, or maybe even foolishness, but I haven’t given up.

I don’t know whether I can meet my annual goal or not this year, though I’m going to give it my best shot. I don’t know if next year will be any better for blogging than this year was, but I’m going to try to make it so.

I haven’t given up. And I’m not going to give up now, either.

Thanks for joining me on the journey so far.

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