Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Letterbox democracy

I haven't directly shared things from Instagram on this blog—and I have no idea why I haven't. Since I've been spending so much effort merging all my "content", this seems like an oversight. I think it's time to change that.

When I publish a blog post with a photo I've also posted to Instragram, it's usually to illustrate what I'm talking about, and that makes sense. But sometimes, as with the "Nature photo a Day" series, I want to explain the photo in more detail, to tell the story of the photo itself. In that case, I could certainly embed the photo, as I have in this post. But there are other photos that I could share here to tell my story more fully.

I don't use Instagram all that much (in truth, I forget about it…), but it's a very convenient way to share a photo that briefly tells a story, and in a way I don't typically do on this blog. Yet that's precisely why I realised that I should share those photos here: They often capture "slice of life" details of what I'm doing that would be perfectly at home here on the blog, though possibly not in a full post.

So, starting today, from time to time I'll share my Instagram photos as I have below. Sometimes I'll say something about it, sometimes I won't, leaving the embedded description to tell the story (and the caption for this photo does tell the story, really). I've also added an "Instagram" tag for these posts.

Maybe this will make me remember to use Instagram a little more often when I'm out and about. We'll see—so to speak.

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