Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Joining them

Every time the clocks go forward or backward, people complain. It can take a week or two for their behaviour to catch up to the new times and hours of daylight (or lack of, perhaps). This year, for the first time, I think I’m one of them.

To be totally accurate, apart from this blog post, I haven’t done any complaining about the time change. However, I’ve noticed one thing is definitely different this time than any other time I can remember: My sleep schedule.

This week, I haven’t even been sleepy until after midnight, which in the old time was about when I was usually going to bed. Much as I’d like to move that back an hour (or two…), I’ve just found it very difficult this year, and I have no idea why. Not even chamomile tea has helped much.

None of this would be too bad if I put the time to good use, say, dashing off several blog posts. That hasn’t happened—although, I’ve started several and lined up resources for several more. This is why some days, like today, I have a few posts, yet other days I can’t even manage one. Weird.

Most of the people I know who struggle with clock changes adjust in a week or two. I’m hoping I do, too, but since I can’t remember this happening to me before, how could I know what to expect?

I suppose this is also the closest I’ve ever come to insomnia, which many of my friends experience. Hopefully, this will remain the closest I ever get.

Despite sleeping-in a bit in the morning, I’m probably not getting quite the amount of sleep I should get. Even so, I feel remarkably good—nowhere near as tired as I was before my health adventure six weeks ago. Back then, I often had nine, ten, or even more hours sleep each night and still woke up exhausted. That difference is the one good thing in this. Would I have had any reason to notice otherwise? Probably not.

I had two cups of chamomile tea tonight. Maybe that will help me reset by sleep clock. It’d be nice.

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