Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I voted again

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This is the sort of photo I always take when I post an election ballot. That’s partly because I can’t show “normal” voting (photography isn’t allowed in the booth). While it’s also a way to document what I’m doing, and that’s important to me, it’s also a way to subtly encourage people to vote. Well, I hope so, anyway.

There’s a small story to go with this photo. We got our voting papers a week ago today and filled them out that evening. However, because of my gout relapse, I wasn’t able to get out and about, so I couldn’t get around enough to go post them and take a photo like this. Until today.

Also, my thumb mostly obscures the bar code in the address panel. That’s because I read somewhere it’s illegal to share that with anyone (like, in a photo). However, I didn’t have a chance to verify that for myself, so, a bit of prudent caution.

And that’s another vote posted back. There’s one more to go yet this year, of course.

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