Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Welcome to winter

Today is the first day of winter. Yippee. It certainly felt like winter today: It was quite cold this morning, it rained off and on all day, and just as it was getting dark, we had torrential downpours of rain, complete with hail. And winter’s just getting started.

We had a mild autumn at the start (more like an extended summer, really), and, among other things, that led to more kittens being born and more cockroaches scurrying about; something about the warmer weather confusing them. On the other hand, fewer Kiwis died this autumn—in fact, the lowest in 25 years.

But now winter is really here, and we’re stuck with it for at least three months (sometimes a bit longer). This is not my favourite season, of course, so I’ll have to go looking for interesting and positive things to blog about, things to make up for it being the icky season. Wish me luck.

Speaking of blogging, I had a much better month last month: I was just one post short of meeting the one post per day goal for the month, though I’m still not making the annual average, as I wrote about at the start of last month. Still, there are still seven months to go—plenty of time to catch up (and two posts today help that goal…).

Maybe tomorrow will bring some things to talk about, maybe not. But at least it’s supposed to be sunny.

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