Sunday, June 05, 2016

Cobweb Bella

Today, Bella decided to help. She removed cobwebs and a few leaves from udner the spa pool and then allowed me to wipe them from her, which was very thoughtful, indeed.

It was a perfectly ordinary day, really. We ran an errand late in the morning and decided to have an early lunch/brunch kind of thing. On the way home, Nigel decided to stop in the pool shop to see if he could buy a submersible pump, but they didn’t sell them. So, they lent him theirs to use for free (like I keep saying, things are different in NZ…).

Nigel used the pump to remove the last of the water in the pool so he can take out the blown light and repair the slight leak. We finished that task, and then he removed one of the side panels to look underneath to see how to get the blown light out.

And this is where Bella comes in—literally. She went underneath to help inspect, and then decided to remove some of the cobwebs and a few of the leaves. Nigel was done, and ready to put the panel back, but Bella was taking a long time. So, I went into the house and rattled her treats tin and she came running.

Because I’d riled her up with the promise of treats, she wasn’t her usual willing model self, and kept moving. The photos above and below were the best I could get. They convey the general look she was sporting, though.

A quick wipe of a paper towel and her outfit was gone. Her treat was duly provided and she was happy—but not done being helpful.

I went back outside to sweep up the leaves on the deck, something I’ve been unable to do with the pretty much daily rainstorms over the past several weeks. Bella kept inspecting the piles I was making to ensure they were alright. She also decided to climb a couple trees, just to make sure they were secure, of course. She startled Jake at one point, which he didn’t appreciate and told her so. She just looked at him like he was crazy.

Unaccustomed as I am to manual labour, I sat down to rest after the de-leafing, and Bella hopped into my lap for a purr and snooze. The dogs, meanwhile, lay on the floor nearby.

And that was my perfectly ordinary day with my helper, Bella.

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